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Kvalita našich produktů

The Production of innovative and high level qualitative hard- and softwaresolutions is one of the main success factors in international competition.

Slotmachines of APEX gaming technology are complex, computer-controlled industrial products, that grant a maximum of product- and handling-security to the gambler and the operator. Only innovative technologies are good enough for our products. Engineering and testing takes place in competence centers around the world. This is how APEX secures its lasting leadership in the gambling-industry.


  • King`s Casino
  • Ingo Casinos
  • SAARLAND Casino
  • Casinos Austria
  • Gauselmann Gruppe
  • Happy Day Casino
  • Stanley Casinos UK
  • Royal Casino
  • Vulcan Russland
  • London Casino
  • Odrex Casino

APEX dosáhl již více jak 45.000 prodaných výherních automatů po celé evropě.

Strategie obchodu

The main markets of APEX are in the European Union, Central Europe and East Europe. More target and sales markets are Asia, Russia and the Ukraine. Especially new members of the European Union like the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Slowenia and Hungary hold extensive growth potential. At this time, APEX gaming technology is represented in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, England, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Albania and Slowenia.

APEX gaming technology sells gaming-machines as well as complete system-solutions and new gaming-concepts. The Distribution takes place directly by the manufacturing company or selected regional distributors. APEX gaming technology is selling exclusively to regulated markets, for only a regulated market and high security-niveau can provide enough safety to ensure a constant commercial growth.

APEX produces and distributes random-based-games only. This means that the game-result comes from a certified random-generator. Our games are certified by international third party certificators, e.g. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). A strict check prevents manipulation and grants a maximum of safety and quality of our products.

APEX gaming technology produces innovative games with creative game-design to ensure a high level of customer-satisfaction and technological and commercial strength.